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Our Akitas
Each which had seen a little Akita, is thinking that they are little cute bears. Exactly that`s what  they are. At the time when they grow, they become big cute bears. But this happen only, if we deal with them in the right way. And that is not only by Akita. Every dog, it does not mather wether it is a pedigre dog or not, big or small, needs enough time. We must learn to live with the dog, and the dog with us,only then both sides are happy. For that you need no big knowledge or much skills, you only need a little bit time and some consequence. 

Akita Inu - Education

Akita Inu are dogs with some properties of a cat, for example they like to go theire own way. You should not forget, that they are dominant. They are dogs, which are bound on theire owners. Of course it depends on how good the contact between dog and owner is. Akitas are not dogs which you can leave themselves and they are no dogs to protect a house. The Akita would become wild and agressive and than they lost the trust to people. So if you have not enough time to pay attention on your akita, and from the beginning  you know, that you don't let you dog the near to your family- 
than this is not the dog for you!
Akita Inu had an excelent protective instinct. He does not bark, when it is not just necessary. He avoid the proximity to strangers. Akitas called "still protectors". You must not train him in this way. Of course a training for obedience would be the best for both sides. Begin as soon as possible with this training. A big advantage would be if all family members go with him to the dog - school. That is good for the knowledge of his behavior. With this trainings, we reach that all new things for the dog recorded positively. Not much tolerance against other dogs is genetically predispossed and depends on how we educate him. 
Irrespective of the dog - school we can teach the dog at home, too. The most important thing by the education is the consequence (you can compare this like the education of your own kids).  An Akita learns quickly, when he saw a target and some motivation in it. Equally he can get tired quickly if the employment does not varied. Following the motto: I showed you what I can one time, so I don't have to show you this 30 times. It's the best, if you end with every stage of trainig, if the dog is happy by doing all the tasks. You hear often, that big pedigree dogs, also akitas, are agressive. Thats not the truth. That agressive behavoir based on their fear and insecurity. Thats why the sozialisation of akita is so important. From there is a walk to a park, the city or the station excellent. 

Akita and Kids

An Akita can also, like each other dog, live with kids in a house, provided that we teach him in this way. Already as an puppie he must learn the handling with kids, so he can get to know the behavoir of the kid, and behaves correctly. On the other side, the kids have to learn how they have to behave with the dog. They are not allowed to be intrusive or hurt the dog, if they play together. If the dog growls or bite, we tend to say, that's was the "agressive" behavoir of the dog. But we forget, that the child cause that behavoir of the dog, by putting the finger in dogs ear or stepping on dogs paw. We might not forget, that we never should leave the dog an the kid alone. 

The care of an akita 

The fur of an akita have two layers. The under fur give the dog the cuddly fur. I myself find, that the care of the fur is not extravagant. Our dogs are outside the most time, so the fur is mostly dirty. But if the fur is dry, the dirt fall down, or we brush it away. More extravagant is the care while change of the fur, that the akitas have two times a year. ( Spring and autumn ). Then they leave also the under fur. To reduce the time of the fur-change, we brush our akitas every two days. Our puppies know this process and have not problems with it. The care of the dogs, include also the regular care of their ears. We do it with an earspray. Our dogs are not enthusiastic of this, and dissapear if the see the bottle of the earspray. :) There are also breeder that cut the nails of their dogs. We don't do it, because our dogs walk on different grounds, and their nails wear out themselves. 

The feeding of akitas

In times of canned food and dry food, you don't expect that the feeding of akitas is difficult. I mean, we should feed our dogs so, that they live long, are healthy and pretty. The first times, our dogs were enthusiastic of canned food and dry food, but the interest leave after 3 days, and they could strave many days, without paying attention on their bowl. Most akitas hate canned food, so you must be prepared that you have to cook for you dog. We decided to feed our dogs naturally, and changed on BARF ("Bones And Raw Foods "). Since we changed the food, we have no problems with feeding or the health. 
[ All you have read till here, based on our own experiences and observations of our dogs. You should always think on that 
every dog have an individual behavoir and own needs.]

Editet from Sylwia Gabrys ( Translet from polish into english from Kamila Slobodzian ) 
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Mori No Kodomo -Tel. +48 514311414
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