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Where do I buy a dog?

Definitely not on a basar, market, or out of a trunk. These dogs are breed for money. The breeders save on hygiene, feeding, care and medicine. That, what you save by buying, you must give out for health of your dog. Also the dogs know a lovingly handling and have automatically no relationship to people. If its not important for you, to have a pedigree dog, you can look around in an animal shelter. If you buy a “pedigree dog” without any documents, it doesn’t guarantee you, that it’s really that breed, or that the dog is healthy. A so acquired dog corresponds not the perequisites of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). A breeder, how is part of the FCI, must fulfill some perequisites, to breed dogs. For example: A she-dog does not get more than one time a year puppies. All the puppies are checked from the FCI and each puppie get a report, so the owner can be sure, that the dog is dewormed, vaccinated, and 100% an akita. A breeder should educate the puppies lovingly and should know all about this pedigree. Each breed wants, that the puppies come to lovingly owners, so the breeder can estimate if this pedigree is the right for you.

Before you decide on a puppie, you should know the breeder and the environment, where the dogs live. While this visit you can get to know the mother of the puppies. The breeder should help and give advice which dog you choose. It’s important if you live alone, you have a family, how old your kids are, or if you are an older person, how spend the most time at home or if you have other dogs. If the dog become an family dog, go on trips, or look after the property. We should think about why we had choosen THIS pedigree, cause this pedigree is a trend in this year? Cause you like the look of this dogs? Or cause this character of the dog had fascinated you? We should think about all, to choose the right pedigree out of 400 pedigrees, and save us from disappointment and problems. If you want fun and happiness with your dog, and if the dog should feel good in his new family, we should choose a dog, which character properties agree with the sourroundings, in which he live. You should informate yourself by readings books or stay in contact with a breeder, because he can tell you all, you should know about the dogs. An important role of education of a puppie, is the right time. Its important to teach the dog all things like sit, stay, place in his first month, because this decides on his behavior. Many people think, the dog school teach the dog all this things, and do nothing alone. The daily training is a duty. All the commands and care process contribute on how the relationship between dog and owner is.

Despite its an big mission to educate an dog, every owner, without thinking about, would say, that the life with a dog is full of suprises, happiness and wonderful moments. So its not an coincidence, that the dog is the best friend of a human, finally the dog were the first animal, that were on humans site, many thousand years, before other animals come there. Its something mysterious about the relationship between human and dog, that you can not only explain only with, that both live in groups. Anyway you can’t say, if the human choose the dog as his companion, or if the dog choose the humans. And so the dog is the only animal, that in spite of his instincts, always will depend and save our live!

Andrzej Kłosiński - www.amichien.pl     ( Translated into English from Kamila Slobodzian )

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